Conga Grid Overview


Do your Salesforce tasks require three monitors, dozens of tabs, and your whole afternoon? What if you could accomplish the same work in fewer clicks, a fraction of the time, and from a single screen? There is a quick, easy way to manage Salesforce data and get instant insights for you and your users! Reclaim your time and become your company’s Salesforce hero with Conga Grid. Take Max, a Salesforce administrator for his organization. His goal is to make it easier for his users to manage data and gain insights. Max uses a Quick-start Grid to optimize his own workflow, instantly creating dashboards that help him manage users in his Salesforce org. He can curate the data each department needs while making sure existing security is maintained, since he can control the permissions for each view. Next, Max creates a grid for sales representatives knowing they can save time and hassle managing their pipeline and updating their accounts. Grid makes it simple with easy-to-navigate, customizable views and quick data actions. Sales leaders love the ease of tracking individual reps’ pipeline, making comments in bulk, and approving and assigning multiple tasks. Plus, custom views and conditional formatting call out key data points that need action. Want even more efficiency? Conga Grid seamlessly integrates with other Conga products—allowing you to leverage the power of Conga’s Digital Document Transformation Suite to drive your business and generate revenue. Uncover insights and boost productivity with Conga Grid—your Salesforce users will thank you.

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