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Producing Digital Documents shouldn’t be time consuming. Even when you need to generate large amounts of documents and schedule their delivery. Conga can automate document production and delivery saving you time and increasing the accuracy of your documents. Bobby is a sales operations manager at a manufacturing company. He has been tasked with driving more revenue and better customer engagement by improving the accuracy and timeliness of sales documents. First, he finds all customers who have a renewal date approaching in the next 30 days. He will select all of these records and use Conga to create a proposal with their renewal details. Conga will utilize customer data in Salesforce to make sure that every customer sees a personalized and pixel perfect document. A copy of each of these personalized proposals is automatically placed on the customer record. Next, Bobby uses Conga to send these proposals. This allows for these renewal deals to be closed without having to manually create each document. Bobby can also schedule this solution. He simply tells Conga which customer records to include, when he needs the documents generated, and what to do with them. Are you ready for faster deals and happier customers? Automate your digital documents with Conga.

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