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There are several different ways to build a Composer Solution. The most guided is through the Composer Quick Start tab. The most advanced is through Salesforce Setup where everything can be written in SOQL on a buttons/links/actions record. For this video, we will work through a more point-and-click way of development inside of the Conga Solutions tab. Through Conga Solutions, we can access Composer Solution records, make edits and updates to previously built Solutions, or create new Composer Solution. To build a new Solution, click New. The Solution Name is how the button will appear for Salesforce end-users, so for example, if we were creating a button to generate a quote, we might title this Solution “Generate Quote.” The Master Object will specify which Object page layout this button can be added to. Note that the Master Object selected is the only place within Salesforce we will be able to add this Solution to in the future. Once both fields are filled out, click Create Record. The page we are now viewing is the Solution Manager page. From here, we can manually add Solution components by clicking through the row of buttons in the middle of the page. Under Solution Components, we can quickly view, edit, or delete any Components currently added to this Solution record. If you prefer to be guided through the building process, click on the Edit (Guided) button on the top of the page.

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