Conga Composer and Salesforce (1 of 6)


In this video, we will cover some of the basics concepts and building blocks of Composer that are essential for Salesforce Administration. Composer is a document automation system that is installed within Salesforce, and allows your users to generate any document you design at the click of a button. For the purposes of this video, we will assume that Composer has already been installed and setup within your Salesforce instance. Before we begin, let’s start by understanding how Composer and Salesforce interact. In order to automate the process of creating documents with Composer, we need to start by creating a Solution. For Composer, a Solution is simply a record we create within Salesforce that, once built, can be added to an Object of our choosing in the form of a hyperlink or button. The button we are showing now has been created for the Master Object of Account within Salesforce. This means that no matter which Account record we navigate to within Salesforce, we will be able to access and click this button. Any document generated as a result of clicking the button on this record will strictly pull data related to this record. With Composer installed in Salesforce, you can create as many solutions on as many Objects as you’d like; End-Users are assigned a license, and can use any Composer Solution unless otherwise restricted.

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