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For Composer, Parameters are either rules that we enforce as a policy on this Solution, behavioral changes we’d like the Solution to make, or integrations with other products altogether. By clicking Customize with Parameters from the Solution Manager page, we can access a list of commonly used Parameters, and apply them directly to the solution. By selecting a parameter from the left, a brief description will appear in the center of the page. To add the Parameter to the Solution, click Select Parameter, and then Add Parameter to Solution record. Once all components are built, you can now add the Solution to the Object layout, and begin using. As a best practice when designing Composer Solutions, we recommend starting by gathering data through Report Data and Conga Queries. Once the data has been gathered, click Create Button from the Solution Manager page to unlock access to the Template Builder in this Solution. With access to the Template Builder, we can now create and design our Templates and Email Templates, and add them to our Solution. Finally, we can apply rules, behavior changes, and integrations through Parameters. Lastly, we add the Solution to our Page Layout and start automating!

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