Contracts for Salesforce - Negotiate


Contract negotiation doesn’t have to be painful. You need a solution that makes it easy to send your contracts out and react to the inevitable changes that come back. Conga Contracts for Salesforce enables you to automate the tedious tasks that are stealing your time so you can focus on the important work, like building relationships, managing obligations, and mitigating risk. Check it out! Jess just got the green light from her internal team to send a Master Service Agreement out for negotiation. She navigates to the Legal Agreement record and opens the Send for Negotiation page. Automation built into the Send for Negotiation button defaults values into fields such as the recipients, template, subject, and the email message. Depending on the layout and type of document being negotiated, different values and messages can be defaulted. Jess reviews the defaulted recipient list, customizes the message, and previews the email. Everything looks good to go so she clicks send. Israel is the other party to this Services Agreement and as he looks over the contract, there are a few changes he’d like to make. He updates the document in Microsoft Word and sends it back to Jess. Not only does Jess receive a copy via email, but also the contract document is automatically uploaded as a new version in Salesforce. She hops into the document to review the changes. It looks like Israel replaced an entire clause. Jess expands the clause card to show the document version and Salesforce version side by side, making it easier to quickly see what’s changed. This new clause works for Jess, and might come in handy at renewal, so she captures the clause for later use. After reviewing the rest of the document, she uses True-Up All to accept the rest of the changes. Now, Jess is ready to move onto the next step in the deal cycle. Take the headache out of negotiation, with Conga Contracts for Salesforce!

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