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Don’t overpay for eSignature—take a leap and experience the modern eSignature solution built for Salesforce. With Conga Sign’s easy-to-use interface and effortless signing experience, doing business with you just got easier. Simplify your existing process with an easy, secure way to send documents for signature and leverage the ability to track every agreement in real time: from document delivery to signature. Meet Sierra—a sales representative preparing an order form for signature. Her customer, Jesse, just purchased hardware from Sierra’s company, and Sierra is responsible for collecting signatures from all parties. With Conga Sign, Sierra maintains complete control with an intuitive interface that makes the transaction process a breeze. Once she uploads her order form, she adds Jesse and the other recipients, and then defines the signing order. All standard eSignature tags are ready for use out of the box, so all Sierra has to do is drag-and-drop tags into her document. Sierra also knows she needs to collect a purchase order number. With Conga Sign’s write back functionality, this number can be synced back into Salesforce without Sierra having to manually type this data—saving her time and reducing the risk of errors. Once Jesse receives the document, he can sign from the office or on the go—without the need for special accounts or clunky browser extensions. And forget having to manually track down the final versions—once all parties have signed, Sierra and all other recipients are automatically sent a copy of the final document—no email chaos required! Want even more efficiency? Conga Sign seamlessly integrates with other Conga products—allowing you to leverage the power of Conga’s Digital Document Transformation Suite to drive your business and generate revenue. Collect and track effortless eSignatures anytime, anywhere with Conga Sign.

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