Contracts for Salesforce - True-Up All


If you’re like most legal professionals, you spend an awful lot of time negotiating your contracts. You negotiate internally to mitigate risk and then negotiate with your client to maximize revenue and develop a growing relationship. After all these versions and redlines, how do you quickly true-up your system of record? With Conga Contracts for Salesforce, you can use True-Up All to sync approved changes to fields and clauses back to Salesforce with a click of a button. Check this out. Sally has been working through negotiations with her client, David, who just sent back this contract with a few changes. After reviewing the contract, Sally is ready to move forward. Before sending the final version of the contract out for eSignature with Conga Sign, Sally syncs all the changes back to Salesforce using True-Up All. Now, at renewal, Sally has a head start on negotiations. The Conga Contracts for Salesforce True-Up All feature means instead of accepting each readline one by one, you can accept all changes with just a single click. Save time, mitigate risk, and optimize your Salesforce data with Conga Contracts for Salesforce.

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