Conga Contracts - Repository


Are you still printing contract documents and storing them in filing cabinets? Trying to find physical contract documents when you need them can be a huge headache. It can slow down audits, complicate compliance management, and introduce unnecessary risk. The Conga Contracts document repository is the core foundation of the Contracts system. The repository replaces rooms full of filing cabinets with a single, concise database. That way, when you need to reference a contract, your entire library is right at your fingertips. And - with Conga Contracts Elastic Search capabilities you can search the actual text of each document, in addition to its metadata, allowing you to narrow in on outdated language and clauses. The Conga Contracts document repository makes digging through filing cabinets a thing of the past. Speed up audits, simplify compliance management, and eliminate unnecessary risk with Conga Contracts.

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