Conga Contracts - Contract Requests


How do you typically receive contract requests? Are they sent via email, missing key information? Do your requesters have a habit of throwing requests over that wall and into ‘the black hole’? It’s all too common! With Conga Contracts’ request functionality, you can create any number of forms to capture as many types of contracts as you need. You can fully define what data is needed on each request form and even mark if that data should be required. That way when your requesters need a new contract, they know exactly what kind of information is required for the request to go through smoothly. You can even use smart rules to define what kind of data fields will even show up on the request. Conga Contracts makes contract requests smoother and easier. Requesters will know exactly what’s required and you’ll get all of the information you need to process a new contract, right up front!

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