Conga Contracts for Salesforce Overview


Do you want to spend more time shaking hands with customers and less time shaking your head at your computer screen? Let’s speed up the sales process and close more deals! It’s time to get started with an end-to-end contract management solution! Let’s take a look from Jose’s point of view. Jose is a Sales Rep for Hightower Inc, a growing SaaS company. He’s constantly on the move, meeting with potential customers across the country. When Jose needs a contract, he needs it quickly! With Contracts for Salesforce, Jose can navigate to a legal agreement record, generate a contract with the click of a button, and have confidence that all of the necessary information and legal clauses are included. During negotiation, Jose’s legal team can easily swap legal clauses, view changes made to the contract, and sync changes in the contract back to Salesforce. The negotiated contract is then routed to the appropriate approvers using Conga Orchestrate so Jose can focus on building relationships with prospects and current customers. As soon as the contract is approved, it’s sent for signature using an integration with Conga Sign, our Effortless eSignature product, with just a click of a button. Jose could store his executed documents in Salesforce, but Salesforce storage at Hightower Inc is limited and in high-demand. For that reason, all of Jose’s executed documents are stored using Conga’s cloud storage and accessed just like any other document in Salesforce. Throughout the deal cycle Jose leverages reporting to monitor the status of his contracts, uncover trends, and identify bottlenecks. With Conga Contracts for Salesforce, Jose has the speed, ease, and control he needs to compete at the pace of sales. Want even more efficiency? Conga Contracts for Salesforce seamlessly integrates with other Conga products—allowing you to leverage the power of Conga’s Digital Document Transformation Suite to drive your business and generate revenue. Step up your contract management game, with Conga Contracts for Salesforce.

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